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Dream Imagine Inspire Create!!!

42a32983737b191a030c5fa8a98f37ceEach person is born with a form or shape of cReAtivity on the inside! That’s a fact! We have a right brain and left brain. Both sides functional in its existence this can not be denied. A right brained person might have more innovation strengths, yet he needs a left brained organizational task in order to make his idea work.

A left brained person has also a right brain sphere, somewhere on the inside of it a creative button needs to be pressed by being Inspired by a thought, melody, image or any other visual form of expression.

I suggest and motivate you to find it! You may just release that hidden and blocked energy and emotion longing to be revealed since that day you suppressed it in your art class when the teacher told you, your drawing is ridiculous. You hid it beneath your table and through it into the dustbin.

Ask yourself the question, did God really give you creative gifts to impress, excel in it and be the first in line with achievement? Or did He give it to each one of us in order to connect more with creative energy in us and use it to make this world a better place by uplifting someone with it?

What are your blocks, find them and push them out with unstoppable cReative energy by means of  a song, an instrument, a paintbrush or a dance.


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